TYPE: Regular Board Meeting
DATE: 11/12/2019 TIME: 5:30 PM
LOCATION: Administration Building, Conference Room 1
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Call to Order
Anticipated Executive Session
1. Motion to Enter Executive Session Action
2. Motion to Return to Regular Session Action
Pledge to the Flag
3. Pledge of Allegiance Info
Public Forum
4. Public Hearing - District Wide Safety Plan Info
5. BOCES Summer School 2019 Info
Adoption of Consent Agenda Action
6. Adoption of Consent Agenda (Items 6 to 10) Action
7. 2019-2020 District Wide Safety Plan Approval Action
8. Approval of the Minutes - October 15, 2019 Action
9. Award Snow Plow Bid Action
10. Award Excess Equipment Bids Action
Financial Matters
11. Claims Audit Report October 2019 Info
12. Approval of the September 2019 Treasurer's Report Action
Personnel Matters
13. Approval of Personnel Matters and Addendum Action
Administrative Reports
14. Board Bulletin - October, 2019 Info
15. District Superintendent Report Info
Action/Discussion Items
16. Approval of the District Superintendent Amendment to Agreement Action
Board Member Comments
Meeting Schedule
17. SCSBA Dinner Meeting November 18, 2019 hosted by BOCES Info
18. BOCES Regular Meeting December 17, 2019 Info
19. Ajournment Action